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Refund Policy

There is a refund policy for season passes in the event of a closure of more than 14 days.
Part of the policy allows for prorated refunds depending on a few factors including the season's opening date and when in the season the closure happens.

Should Kinosoo Ridge be closed temporarily for up to 14 consecutive days, no refunds for season passes will be offered. If the Ski area is closed for more than 14 days, a prorated refund will be offered as outlined below. The quarterly division of the ski season will be based on the actual season opening date and an estimated season closing date of March 31st each year.

  1. Prior to opening — 100 percent
  2. First quarter — 75 percent
  3. Second quarter — 50 percent
  4. Third quarter — 25 percent
  5. Fourth quarter — No Refund

For more information on refunds including lessons, lift tickets, and more, you can find the entire M.D. Recreational Facilities Policy here.

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Season passes can also be purchased, in person, during regular chalet hours - Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please note - passes will not be available for pick up until November 22. Please keep an eye on the Kinosoo Ridge Facebook page for up to date information.

2021-22 Season Passes

Regular Rates Early Bird Rates
(October 15 to November 15, 2021)
Mite (4 and under) $125.00 $106.25
Child (5-12 years) $300.00 $255.00
Student (13-17 years) $365.00 $310.25
Adult (18 or older) $365.00 $310.25
Senior (65 and older) $315.00 $267.75
Family (2 adults, and up to three dependent children) $895.00 $760.75
Additional (dependent child) $195.00 $180

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